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Questions on strange habits

Sometimes when i'm home alone and i get the urge to binge, or have food irritationally on my mind[which is often], i go to the kitchen and 'tidy' the cupboards in a strange manner. I empty them, remove crumbs [i HATE crumbs], throw out food[particularly broken food], eat bites then throw it out, straighten them, read labels, cut down labels to make packaging 'neat'...the list goes on.
What i enjoy most is opening the biscuit tin and sorting that out. I throw out biscuits, eat some & throw out half, remove crumbs, make it look neat and keep the contents to a minimal. Once I've done this i feel instantly calmer and more at ease, my mind focused to do something else.

I simply cannot just have food there,sitting and not doing anything. In fact, it isn't food in general, it is sweet food, in particular biscuits. They make me nervous and i have to either throw them out or eat them. Which option i choose depends on my motiviation and mood.

I understand this is rather odd [however, how odd, i don't know? Maybe this is fine behaviour?]. I also have other odd habits relating to my disorder [the usual 'chew and spit', collecting 'bad' food which after days of restriction i open it up and eat mouthfuls whilst throwing some out etc, throwing out food then realising i cannot rid the thought of it sat in the bin and so i fish it out & eat it ,etc etc you get the gist].

My questions to you all, are:
-What strange habits/rituals [if any] do you do/have relating to your eating disorder?
-Has anyone ever noticed these and what were their reactions?
-If you are not disordered, what are your views on these habits and to what extent do you find them 'odd' [if at all?] ?

Any other comments would be appreciated/encouraged, as i am just generally interested.

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