, (15yrs) wrote in ed_ucate,

the rain has yet to cease.

go on now, purge,
it will only take twenty minutes -
only then may You return to Your writing.

I tell myself this like a father would his son,
recommending he finish his supper
before he may watch television -

or a Mother
to her daughter,
advising she must complete her homework
before going outdoors to play.

Discussion: Do You have a silent parent to child relationship with Yourself to better coach and steer Your goal oriented eating disorder tendencies in any one direction? This communication with oneself is not threatening per sa, but stern and demanding. As an ex Air Force Trainee, I often conduct a silent Drill Sergeant to Private relationship; I pretend I am still in the service and motivate myself toward both healthy and poor decision making pertaining to my eating disorder, by means of fake and imagined authority. Is there a Yes Sir ! or Yes Ma'am ! in Your head and if so, what do You have to do before being allowed to gambol?

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