alice_l (alice_l) wrote in ed_ucate,

Hello all,

I work for a popular norther american chain store that sells ice cream and sweets exclusively since the onset of my eating disorder. While restricting, I distracted and disgusted myself by counting the amount of calories within the store at any given time (distractions, distractions) and feeding others (one of life's greatest pleasures) with food from the store.

Nowadays, I'm in a particularly tough spot in my disorder and often find myself instantenously bingeing on sweets the moment I walk into the place. Having to maintain a professional attitude is tough when I am jamming my mouth full of tarts, for the entire shift. I feel really very confused, I dont want to leave this job but right now it feels like it's the only way, especially if there is any hope of recovery.

for discussion: have any of you had any experience in the food industry throughout your disorder and what were your experiences? Have you had to quit and find work elsewhere in another field or could you work through it and if so how did you do it?

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