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Paris Match

Hi everyone,

For anyone in France, just thought I'd let you know (if you haven't already seen it) that there is an article in Paris Match (31 August - 6 September; Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise are on the cover) titled L'ANOREXIE: au bout des doigts. It goes from pp 23-26, & talks about the notion of 'pro-ana' websites on the internet, as well as mia, la petite soeur. There are examples of the digitally altered photographs used as 'thinspiration', & an interview with child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo about the effect of such websites. There are three histories (with photographs) of girls who are suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, & it outlines what precipitated the onset of their illness.

Its 7am here in Sydney & I'm still waking up, so I'm not going to bother translating the article right now. But maybe if people are interested I'll do it later. Or, is there any one else who has the issue (I know it's an old one, but my subscription ended up in my neighbour's mailbox - oops!) who would really love to do it for me?

Katie xx

(accidentally posted to my personal journal this morning, instead of ed_ucate. Sorry for those on my friends list & also a member of ed_ucate who get this twice!

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