Liz (lolita_flower) wrote in ed_ucate,

This relates to more obessive-type ED sufferers, I suppose; as I know there are many out there that don't give a fuck WHAT they eat, and rather just the minimum calories possible.

However, if you are the person that does 'plan' out what they'll have (whether this is 2000 or 200 calories), and for some reason you couldn't have the certain thing (say you spontaneously 'had' to go out for coffee; hence you missed whatever it was at a time you have 'set' to have the item), how does it make it feel? Are you overjoyed that you missed the calories, care that you didn't get the (insert nutrient here) from (insert item here)?

For me, I like to have things 'on time.' I spend the majority of my time doing 'homework' which is really calorie counting, despite being in 'recovery' and eating a more than normal amount; I'll be annoyed if I 'have to' do something (which would delay an item by an hour) or if I've used calories for something I couldn't avoid (alcohol at parties) that I didn't really want.

Feelings on this?

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