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Any new food habits?

Thanks to everyone to replied to my question about EDs and their sleep! It was really interesting to read all of the comments.

Now for my next set of questions (i'll do separate posts for ease of commenting!)

1) I have DEFFO asked this before, but couldn't find it when I searched (and responses will probably be different this time around anyway): it is in a very similar vein to a recent post about strange ED habits but I wanted to ask a more specific question. Do you choose foods which are "complicated" to eat or will take a long time to eat? What are they? If you only eat part of a food for which you know the calorifi value, do you count the calories or estimate? For example- I've recently taken to buying milk chocolate covered raisins, but only because I want the chocolate off of them. To encorperate the calories into my daily plan, I guess that the chocolate counts for about 50% of the total calories..

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