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Question idea spiked by a comment I just made..

I know there have been questions regarding binge-foods, but what about vegetables? If I feel like i'm going to overeat, I make sure it's only on vegetables..

is this a good thing in recovery? What do "normal" people overeat on? Should someone really be overeating if they're eating "normally"?

I know it's totally impossible to gain weight by binging on vegetables (I'm expecting a lot of "if you consume more calories than you burn..." replied here, but from a scientific point of view, I don't think anyone could consume all-you-can-eat-only-vegetables [excluding starchy] in one day to gain weight- i'm a walking example)

So where do you see yourself with fruits and vegetables?
What do you think (especially people in the UK- because of government advertising) of the 5-a-day thing? (I personally envy people who can "allow" themselves 5 pieces of fruit a day!)

Bleh. A random question but I hope it gets some replies!

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