appetite for destruction (paperdolldress) wrote in ed_ucate,
appetite for destruction

do any of you question your scale's accuracy? my digital scale is fairly new and most likely accurate, but when i've lost weight i always wonder if my scale is lying. i don't have another scale to compare it to, but i imagine i'd think THAT scale was broken, too, just because i don't feel any different about myself. i think it just comes down to how much i hate myself and my body, and how i don't believe i could ever achieve something as simple as losing a few pounds. the more weight i lose, the less i am willing to accept scale's readings.

has this happened with you? thoughts, ideas?

*edit: perhaps i wasn't too clear...even if i were one hundred percent sure that my scale was accurate, i still wouldn't believe it because i could never be thin enough. regardless of the scale's accuracy, are you in denial of the weight you've lost because you still feel huge?

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