katherine (_birkenstock) wrote in ed_ucate,

I always feel like what I am posting here isn't ok, so as usual, I can take this down if it doesn't fit guidelines.

I am curious about preference of digital scales vs. regular scales?

I personally don't really like either, regular scales because of variance and probably not giving an accurate reading and digital scales because I hate the .5 or .0 on the end.  I don't know how loss/gain of a .5 has become such a huge thing for me.  I weigh myself upwards of 20 times a day if I have access to a scale, I know that is not a healthy behavior.  But it is usually several times in the same bathroom trip.  Weigh with clothes, and totally naked.  Before and after using the bathroom to see if anything changed.  I read something when I was much younger that going to the bathroom was good because you were losing weight by emptying.

Thoughts?  Does anyone else behave similarly?

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