Chelsea Rae (secreteggshells) wrote in ed_ucate,
Chelsea Rae

Where have you purged?

I was thinking just now of the places I've purged. And of the places I've heard about people purging. I get into 'purging habits'. For a while I'd come home, binge, then take a 'shower'. Once my mom knocked on the bathroom door and said "if you aren't in the shower then turn off the water." I realized that everyone could hear the water going directly to the floor and knew that I wasn't in the shower while I had it turned on, that scared me so I stoped for a very long time. Then I started to purge in my room. Get a bucket, bowl, small trashcan, folders coffee holder thing, and place bags in them and purge into those. I did that most. I also have purged outside behind the barn 5 to 10 times. And at my cousins house.

I've heard of people purging while driving, and in school, ect.

Discussion question is obviously: Where all have you purged? Where would you not purge? anything that is relavent.

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