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This has most likely been asked before, but not in a while- and the holiday season is approaching, so I wanted to bring it up.

I orignially posted this question as a comment to a very good friend of mine and she suggested (genius!) I ask it here..

My original post said:

"I'm really worried at the moment that I might have a food is seriously controlling everything I do and is the only thing which dictates how my emotions are at the moment.. I'm now avoiding going out in case I get hungry / in case I eat / anything to do with food.

I wanted to know if you'd ever heard of anyone else in a similar situation / what they did about it (i'm considering hypnotherapy now)."

My entire day, at the moment, revolves around when i'll next eat.

So does the food obsession stop? Do you find you can "switch off" forcefully by turning your mind to something else? Do you only become food obsessed when restricting or a certain times? Does your new-found love (or loathing) of food stay with you well past "physical" recovery? Do you hoard recipes or photos of food?

Anything related. Views, opinions and theories all welcome.

I look forward to hearing all the replies :)

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