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I'm doing a research review/proposal for my Health Psych class this semester and I'm fairly sure of my topic, but I thought I'd get some immediate and first-hand feedback to see if this is as pervasive as I think it is.

"Branch and Eurman (1980) conducted a survey of friends and relatives of patients with AN to understand social attitudes toward the patients' appearance and behaviors. Although respondents expressed concern, 50% reported envy of the patient's self-control and discipline concerning food. Further, friends and relatives were more likely to endorse positive than negative statements concerning the patient's appearance: slender (58%), neat (83%), well groomed (100%), and fashionable (100%) versus skinny (8%), haggard (8%), and emaciated (8%)" (Keel, Pamela K., Eating Disorders. Prentice Hall. New Jersey, 2005.)

Beyond the media (which I don't necessarily want to get into, that's such a huge and vague issue), do you agree? Do you think the social feedback you receive for losing weight even by extreme or damaging means is generally positive? It's been mentioned that a lot of EDs begin with a diet- once it got clearly bad, did you still get admiration for willpower and being thin? What do you think about the backlash in Spain?

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