ems882 (ems882) wrote in ed_ucate,

anyone want a copy of the THIN documentary


I am going to tape the THIN documentary on HBO next month. I am then going to take it to a professional shop and have it copied to a DVD. I will then make copies for people on my computer. Please let me know if you are interested in this. I am going to check again as it gets closer to the time (Nov 15), but I want people to know here is an option if you don't have access to HBO. Just let me know and we will work it out. I will have people email me their addresses closer to the time the show airs. I will not give out your info to anyone. I know people worry about that. I am a dependable, honest person. I will not give out anything.

I can't wait to see it! I was in Renfrew Philly. Renfrew FL is known as the more laid back of the two. It will be interesting to see the differences. I did not have a good experience at Renfrew, but that was my experience. I know they have helped many people. I have just been hospitalized too many times. I know what to do - I just have to do it. Some days I do and some days I don't. Each admission was necessary b/c they saved my life. Has anyone else been to Renfrew?

I also have some other ed movies if people want copies:

- The Best Little Girl in the World
-Catherine: Death of an Anorexic
-For the Love of Nancy
-Kate's Secret
-Sharing the Secret
-Dying to Dance
-Secret Between Friends
-Perfect Illusions
-Cutters (1 hour documentary)
-Hunger Point

Does anyone else have any other ones? Want to trade? Just let me know.

Please let me know if you are interested in the THIN documentary. Please respond on my webpage so I can try to keep everyhing together. ems882. I am not holding you to anything right now - just trying to get an idea. Take care!


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