appetite for destruction (paperdolldress) wrote in ed_ucate,
appetite for destruction

purging locations + risk of being caught

in response to this recent entry on purging and locations where you have purged, i have a question. does the risk of getting caught influence where/when you purge?

i go through periods of binging and purging daily, and then it slows down for a few weeks. one thing that has helped me keep from purging is the idea that someone might hear me. i only purge if no one is home or if i'm going to take a shower. i am TERRIFIED of being caught because my parents have questioned me about weight loss and whether or not i purge, and i always deny their suspicions. i already see a therapist so yeah, i don't see much point in it. anyway, in public i'll only purge if i can get a bathroom to myself, or have it empty. never ever would i purge at a friend's house (but i'm pretty isolated anyway).

i think i overestimate how well people can hear what you're doing through the bathroom door or something. like i said, it's a blessing in disguise, i think, but while feeling the 'need' to purge, it makes things very stressful.

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