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post-binge/purge flu-like feelings

do you know that feeling one sometimes gets right before one comes down with a cold or flu? the sort-of weak, sensitive-to-temperature, lethargic feelings?
when i identify this state, sometimes i think 'i ought to take some vitamins & get some rest' and fall asleep; and when i awake, i may have a full-blown fever or sore throat or other malady...

not sure i'm describing it well, but IF you caught my drift:

do you ever have those same feelings after a b/p session? if so, please elaborate: specifically, do you attribute this to being malnourished or to having simply abused your body or ... ?
i don't normally have this feeling after b/p'ing and i cannot say that it's directly related to the severity or length of my b/p session, but i've wondered about this today and haven't yet read a discussion about it.

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