Megan (starved_for_u) wrote in ed_ucate,

How could IP be more productive?

For those of you who have recieved any form of inpatient treatment, I am wondering what could be done to improve your experience? What was your ward missing? Or what could be done to assist in emergencies?

For me, it was often the little things that mattered, like a decent pair of warm pyjamas upon admission, or a toothbrush. We weren't allowed to engage in disordered behaviours, but we lacked anything to help pass the time, like a book or playstation or videos. We were fucked-up kids but there was no real contact with positive role models, like a mentor or recovered person. And the food would make even the hungriest person anorexic. Visiting hours were crap, rules were harsh and the nurses were bitchy. Not fun.

I'm not talking about making the admission a holiday, but a chance to recuperate from a distressing illness, doing things that promote rest, relaxation, self-expression etc. in place of the standard punitive regime we currently experience.

I am asking this because when I have the opportunity I would like to be involved in the care of young women in crisis, and I want to know what matters most to potential service-users.


I should point out that my intention is to support women in all forms of crises, including eating disorders, drug abuse, sexual violence etc. Whilst the inadequecies we experience primarily relate to inpatient treatment, I am also concerned about the defecits in treatment programs for people affected by a range of problems. What can and should be done to make our most vulnerable kids more comfortable?

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