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"Thin" article in The Guardian / "Thin" website updated

Thin was featured in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago. I've included pictures of the article under the cut. Some of the content is identical to that of the People Magazine article, however, unlike the People article, this one also includes Kathy and Shantall's story.

Probably not safe for dial-up users as the images are quite large.
These images may also be triggering.

Also, the Thin website has been updated, and includes character introductions, deleted scenes, experts from the book, and even an educational guide that can be downloaded.  It's a really good site, so go check it out.

The deleted scenes are quite good, so it's a shame they didn't make the final cut :/
I guess they'll be on the DVD though.

List of deleted scenes (videos of these can be viewed on the Thin website)

Beach Excursion

Polly, 29, and other Renfrew patients venture to Deerfield Beach, Florida, for a theraputic beach excurions, where they challenge themselves to wear a bathing suit in public.

Suicide Attempt

The Renfrew community deals with a suicide attempt.

Medical Consequences
A group at Renfrew discusses the medical consequences of having an eating disorder.

Art Therapy
Shelly, 25, in art therapy at The Renfrew Center.

and a deleted scene that isn't on the Thin website:

Jen Attempts To Leave Renfrew


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