soupy (shirochillasama) wrote in ed_ucate,

Too Big to Walk?

"Eight seriously obese people have been given an extraordinary chance to lose weight, get fit and change their lives in a marathon 500-mile walk from the south coast of England to Edinburgh."

Tonight at 9pm, the documentary "Too Big to Walk?" will be shown on Channel 4 (uk).

I just thought this was a good place to let everybody know about it, as it looks like an interesting insight into the why of these peoples old lifestyles. It's kinda related to ed's as they look at "psychological as well as physiological factors stopping people from getting thin and staying that way", and I can't imagine how somebody could get so dangerously overweight without some form of eating disorder or other medical condition.

Hope my sentences make sense today, my head is foggy o_o''

Website :

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