beepea (beepea) wrote in ed_ucate,

Changing ideals

Inspired by a recent post. Thank you.

I'm sure everyone knows that, throughout history, the "perfect body" image has changed.. a lot!

I was wondering how it works on a more personal level? For example- when I was at my lowest point in my eating disorder, I would honestly feel that very-thin-Mary-Kate looked "fantastic". However, a year later, my "tastes" have changed.. I would say that Kate Winslett has an amazing body.

So- my question to everyone is..

Do we individuals, like history itself, go through "phases" of what we think is a beautiful body?
How wrapped up with an eating disorder is the fixation on super-skinny models? (we all know that eating disorders are about deeper issues- so is the skinny-model-aspiring a cause or effect?)
Do our opinions change with age, with the flavour-of-the-month-media coverage or with the progress of an eating disorder?
What makes our opinions change? (On a personal note- leaving an all-girls schoool has changed my outlook on so many things!)

There's lots more questions I'd like to ask, but I hope you guys and gals can see the general line of thought i've taken!!

Thanks everyone


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