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renfrew workers

A few days ago, I was looking at Lauren Greenflield website, & I watched the deleted scene on youtube where Jenn attempts to leave Renfrew. The interview from the sundance festival is on Lauren Greenflield's website. In the interview, she talks about how she had to have an all female camera crew and that the whole crew had to have healthy body weights to avoid triggering the women in treatment. I think that's a great rule, because part of Renfrew's mission is to promote a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body.


In the video where Jenn attempts to leave Renfrew there is a very obese woman that works there. Isn't Renfrew worried about her triggering the women there? I was talking to a friend about this, and she said that it would be discrimination to not hire someone on the basis of weight. Which I think is true, but sometimes discrimination happens for a reason. This obese women goes against the goals of Renfrew because of her weight. For example, I can't work at Abercrombie, because I don't fit that image mold, and I also couldn't sue Victoria Secret for not letting me model, because I don't fit that mold either. Image matters in some jobs.

I am bias though. I'm terrified of being fat, and that makes me have less tolerance for this woman. I would be and I am triggered by her.

What do you think? & I know this question has been asked before to Lauren Greenfield. If anyone could tell me what she said that would be great.

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