Dylan (daddysambiguity) wrote in ed_ucate,

OCD poll?

I would love to do a poll either here or at ed_ucate asking how many folks have been diagnosed with OCD, how many THINK they have it, and related questions. I want to know how prevalent it is in those with EDs.

Particularly if many EDed people also have OCD rituals and obsessions that are unrelated to food or body. I know I do -- cleanliness, health, death, diseases, grades, other catastrophies.

My OCD symptoms have been as much related to other things as to food. I was diagnosed at about 9 and I think my OCD was a real factor in my devleoping EDs later on.

Would you guys be interested in taking it or seeing the results? I'd even sign up for a paid account again to make one. Are polls allowed? If they are related. I am just curious.

It could maybe spark a new discussion on OCD in the comments, etc.

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