the wonderful wizard of oz (expire) wrote in ed_ucate,
the wonderful wizard of oz

The psychology of a binge/purge session.

When it comes down to a binge & purge, how far does your head go? Do you get that dazed sensation? Hunger? Guilt during the binge, and not just after you've consumed the entire box of donuts?

A friend of mine is a strict vegetarian (vegan, but I say vegetarian, and you'll understand why in a moment), suffering from anorexia nervosa type II (purging) for the last year or so. She's had an ED for 6 or 7, but it went from ED-NOS to bulimia, to anorexia and back again, says her. Point being, she won't look at meat when she's in a normal mindset. You cannot get her to acknowledge the presence of it without her sneering or going into a rant about what's in the meat and how it died to feed us after being fed its own relatives.

However she called me, absolutely bawling, because twice in the last week and a half she's gone to what she explains as an uncontrollable mindset. She binges, but during the binge she's like a juggernaut eating machine. She tells me she just ate almost all of her roommate's food: lasagna, hot dogs, leftover fried chicken... She's been a strict vegetarian since even before her eating disorder and is scared not only because she ate the meat, but because she became so out of control that she had no qualms about it while doing so.

This got me to wondering: how bad can it get? what triggers are most violent? We deduced partial reasoning for her eating the meat had to do with that there was little else to eat, so she went blindly for any substance she could.

So, I suppose a question on top of a discussion of sorts.

(And for anyone wondering: She's okay. Shaken up enough that she's going to see a therapist again.)

Cut for triggering content.

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