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a little while back there was a post about OCDs and the corrilation with EDs.
and that along with the fact that i wrote a post in my journal and offhandedly mentioned that i didn't like a girl because (along with several other facts) she had a fear of germs, got me to thinking

it's weird that i dont have a fear of germs, because i do have (at times, pretty severe) OCD.

although, i do have a fear of MOLD. or OLD FOOD.
like, it's hard for me to eat something out of a bag or a box or a can or anything prepackaged if it's been opened once.

oftentimes, when i buy cereal i eat as many bowls as i can after i open it the first time. and then i usually never eat anything more out of the box after that. unless i'm REALLY hungry (honest hunger, not binge hunger).

it's especially bad with salsa or tomato sauce. i can NOT eat salsa after the first time i open and use it. the same thing with tomato/spaghetti sauce.

i also can't eat any vegetables or fruit i buy aside from the first few days after i bought it.

any time i've ever moved out i could NOT have food at that particular apartment/house. the fear of eating anything after it had been opened once was WAY worse. so i'd end up eating out most of the time. or buying things and eating them in the next day.

oftentimes, this fear leads to binge eating just because i like something and want to capitalize on eating all of it.

i also can't eat yogurt if it says on the package something about how it's made with live or active cultures. i have to either scribble it out with permanent marker, or not eat it at all.

my discussion for this post, is do any of you guys have similar 'fears' when it comes to food? could you relate some of your stories or your own fears? do you either overeat or undereat food BECAUSE of these fears?

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