lilacpetals (lilacpetals) wrote in ed_ucate,

Answering that Awful Question

Last night, I went out for dessert after the opera with two of my friends. One of them knows that I had an eating disorder (I think she believes I still have it though) and the other one has no idea. I'm currently recovered, and when I go out for dessert with friends, I don't give a damn about how much I eat, and could probably consume a bottomless ice cream if I tried.

For the past little while, I've been trying to make it clear to the friend who knows about my ED that I DO eat, so I made a comment about how I LOVE ice cream and cake and stuff, and how at home my family will have three or four things for dessert a night (yes, this is true- dessert at my house is often a multiple-course meal). So here comes the question from the other girl, the one who doesn't know about my ED:

"If you eat so much dessert, how the hell are you so thin?"

I recall that my answer was "you don't want to know," but I had no clue what to say. I'm currently recovered and at a healthy weight, but people still think I"m quite thin (and I'll admit that I am, I'm about as thin as I can get without actually being underweight). I suppose it's because I never gained back as much weight as I could have in recovery. It's also because I have admittedly lost a bit of weight since starting university. I'm currently not sure whether I'm thin because I had an eating disorder or because I'm just built compactly. I've often in the past said to people that i'm NOT thin, comparatively at least, but they freak out when they find out that I was once considerably thinner than this.

Has anybody else (presumably you have) been asked something like this? What do you say when people ask those kinds of questions?

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