beepea (beepea) wrote in ed_ucate,

The science behind recovery

Hello all!

I did some searches for topics relating to this previously (as I'm sure I read a thread once about "night sweats") but couldn't find anything.

I'm currently interested in the science behind some "issues" that come along with recovery (mainly weight re-gain).

What really causes night sweats? Hormones or metabolism, and how common is it to experience night-sweats during weight re-gain? Why do you experience them?

Constant hunger- a reaction to speeded up metabolism or is it mental? If anyone has any facts (or even better- opinions!) about this, I'd love to hear them.

Anything to say about cravings or headaches?

Or- really, if anyone has anything interesting/scientific to share about weight re-gain (or personal experiences/stories) which are ed_ucational that'd be fantastic.

Partly scientific interest, partly re-assuring myself that I'm not alone in this bizarre mix of weight-gain-related fun! N.B. Not looking for medical "advice" at all

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Looking forward to hearing everyone's responses.

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