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Make Me A Supermodel Article./TV, Media.

Following this post about the contestants on Make Me A Supermodel, I had to post this feature from Closer magazine which I thought you might find interesting— basically, it's what the girls have to say.
I think it puts a completely different spin on things. Read it, it's very interesting.

First here's a photo of both girls:
Both parts of the feature from Closer magazine.

I'm skinny but strong
Marianne Berglund, 5'11'', size 8

"I've always been tall and very thin. I'm a size eight, but my weight has never been an issue. I care about it so little I've no idea what I weigh— and have no intention of finding out.
Growing up in Sweden, exercise & healthy diet were a way of life. I started horse riding when I was eight, and later took up snowboarding. Now I go jogging and I love walking my dog, Matrix.
I love the fact that even though my body is skinny, it's very powerful.
I became a vegan over a year ago. I eats lots of tofu and vegetables, and snack on nuts and seeds, but I love crisps, chips and bread— I can eat a whole loaf in one go!
But whatever I eat, my fast metabolism and energetic lifestyle mean I burn it all off. My height also makes it harder to put on weight.
Deep down, I would love to have womanly curves like Jen because not everyone finds thin women attractive. But I have learned to accept myself as I am.
I'd only been in the UK four months when I was chosen for the show. My family back home were proud and I was so excited.
So I was absolutely devastated to read all the nasty comments about my weight.
Critics said I was a bad role model. Some claimed I had an undernourished BMI of less than 16, which isn't true. Others said I look like a 'famine victim'. Their cruelty took my breath away.
I have wondered if that famous photo of me in a gold swimsuit was digitally tampered with— I am not that skinny!
I'm proud of the way I look. I hope I am given the chance to succeed in the fashion industry."

I won't starve myself
Jen Hunter, 5'11.5'', size 12

"I love my big bum, curvy hips and size twelve figure. I don't want to starve myself to conform to a size eight idea of beauty. So I am glad the public put me through to the final of Make me a Supermodel. It proved women want to see models with real bodies.
I've always been a size 12/14. Like most women, I have dieted at times. I once did the Atkins diet for a week, but I didn't drop an ounce! I hated eating that much meat and it gave me dog breath.
Now I just eat three healthy meals a day— and if I fancy chocolate, I'll have it.
I was happy with my 10st 4lbs figure—until I went on the show. But the judges said I was too big. What did I tell viewers?
I have been skinny once and I hated it. I dropped to a skeletal 9st 2lbs and a size 6 after my daughter Kairah was born. I was eating well but constantly on the go. My curves disappeared, along with my 36D boobs. I looked ill with my sticky-out ribs and was overjoyed when I put on weight a year later.
But then on TV in front of millions of viewers I was put under pressure to get skinny again.
I compared myself to the other size 8-10 contestants and my confidence crumbled. Maybe the judges were right— perhaps the industry didn't want me.
During the show I found I didn't have time to go to the gym or cook healthy food so I snacked on crisps and biscuits. I felt totally defeated.
Then part of me started rebelling and I decided to stand up for myself. I'd never been ashamed of my body, so why start now? My thighs and stomach needed toning up, as did my bingo wings, but I didn't want to lose my bum or boobs on a strict diet.
So I fought my corner. Judge/model Rachel Hunter said it was an excuse to say I was making a stand for real women, which made me angry.
I have learnt you need to believe in yourself when others don't.
I found that out the hard way last November, when my husband Devlin left me because he'd met another woman. I've no idea if they're still together. We had only been married two years and I was devastated, but it just made me more determined to succeed.
I wouldn't want to be as skinny as Marianne—and I shouldn't have to be. She's perfect for the Paris catwalks. She is naturally slim, but she eats loads— I once saw her scoff six scones in one go!
I hope that the industry does accept me. I'd love to do an advertising campaign for Dove, because they use real women.
I heard a rumour that I wouldn't have been given the £1M contract if I had won the show because they didn't know how to market me. But I am determined to prove them wrong."


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