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Age: 14

Gender: female

Height: I am 5' 10"

Weight: 139 pounds...

BMI: 19.9

ED: Truthfully, I cannot tell you. Either ED-NOS or orthorexia nervosa.

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Late in the seventh grade, I was actually diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and sent to Children's Hospital at 5' 8" and 91 pounds. I 'recovered' after recieving a personal dietician and counselor, but girls (and guys for that matter) this disease will always be with you. This very day, I would self-diagnose my self with orthorexia nervosa because of my obsession with exercising and eating healthfully.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: The fact that most of the people in them do not really have this disease, and that to them it is just about being able to fit into a prom dress in 3 weeks so they post quote "thinspiring" pictures of overly publicised celebrities and then they blow up with anger when you tell them that this isn't the way they need to live their life.

How I found my way here: I am a member of _lost_, and I saw the banner on its info page.

Questions/comments/concerns: I don't believe I have any.


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