Froodles (froodles) wrote in ed_ucate,

I was watching E when this show came on. It was about the dangers of the internet, rapist, pedifles, blah blah, all the usual. Then it started talking about how there were suicide communities. Aparantly they are blogs (just like the pro/supportive anorexia ones) where people talk about why they want to commit suicide, how to write letters to your family, even calculators to tell you how painful a certain death would be. This sounds exactly like anorexia communities, whether they be pro or not.

What do all of you think about this? How it correlates to anorexic blogs? It's weird to think, because maybe some people say that suicide is bad and anorexia is a lifestyle, but they are essetionally the same.

Would you concider anorexia communities better, worse, or equal in destruction as suicide communities?

Any other comments welcome

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