Katie (_stormthesea) wrote in ed_ucate,

I have finally realized that I just don't understand how to eat healthy, and I am slightly more active than your average three-toed sloth. There is a fitness center in town that does meal planning with a nutritionist. My mum called them a few days ago, and they told her that, while they like to focus on healthy eating, they also advocate fitness for health. I read the introductory packet they mailed me, and it mentioned that they don't advocate twigs-and-bark food (paraphrasing, of course), but arrange meal plans that allow you to eat healthy but also eat what you want. Another thing that turned me on to them is that they do meal plans for people with eating disorders to help them with physical recovery.

I have never been addicted to exercise, and so I am not worried about obsessing over that. I like the sound of this place, and of learning how to eat properly, instead of just binging and purging, or cutting my intake to 900 calories a day.

Has anybody ever faced recovery by meeting with fitness instructors and nutritionists to try and balance your exercise and eating? How did it work for you?

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