violent_tree (violent_tree) wrote in ed_ucate,

this question/post is posed mainly to people who are recovered or are in recovery:

how do you deal with getting rid of those irrational thoughts that go through your mind?
that's kinda vague, i know, but i'm not sure how to word it.

what i mean is, lately my boyfriend has been disappointed in some the actions i make but when he looks at me with that look of disappointment or worry my brain automatically translates it into "he doesn't like what i'm doing because i'm fat. if i were skinny he would love me no matter what i did."

although, i know that it's completely irration. he has no problem with my weight. and never ever makes comments about me weighing either too little or too much. and i know he thinks i'm beautiful. but, still.

obviously, this problem is an ongoing one for myself and nearly everyone with an ED. but it's usually not this bad.

and i know that overcoming that isn't simple.

but, i would like to know of someways you guys have tried to help yourself get over those irrational thoughts.

thanks :)

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