the wonderful wizard of oz (expire) wrote in ed_ucate,
the wonderful wizard of oz

so what's the deal with calories?

my mind went for a thoughtful spiral as it tends to do, and calories, while constantly in my head, went into a more scientific sequence of thoughts.

for instance, 3,500 calories is the approximate number equivalent to 1 human pound (that is, people eating a general diet of 2000ish calories). but in order to gain a pound, you would need to consume a pound. or more. because like the matter-of-science goes, matter cannot be created (or destroyed). so the weight would have to come from somewhere.

let's say, hypothetically speaking, there was a... mint. yes, a mint. like a tic tac, that was 3,500 calories. and i, or anyone, ate one a day. just the mint. would you lose weight? it's just a tiny mint, after all. maintain weight? gain weight, albeit gradually?

there is also supposedly no difference between liquid calories and solid calories, but then i thought... if i drank 2000 calories of Coke all day, and nothing but coke, what would happen then? i'd just be caffeinated and peeing a lot. if i ate 2000 calories of cinnamon buns vegetables (i don't know, anything with calories but without fat), it would show. again: would i lose? maintain? gain? assuming i did the same activities most days.

this may sound silly but.. any thoughts?


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