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I propose a new word:


It means "abnormal appetite". It would be my new word for an eating disorder in which the person is neither consciously restrictive nor feeling a need to purge -- instead, it sums up the people in the category of EDNOS who just eat strange foods because they percieve them as somehow "safe" or "better" or "more pleasing". Also, I think it'd be a good category for people who tend to force themselves to eat because they recognize their lack of eating as a bad thing. The term, while itself has nothing to do with weight, does not exclude people who change their eating habits specifically for the purpose of losing or gaining weight. I guess a good way to paraphrase would be to say that paraxenorexia would be a good word for a disorder in which people are constantly fighting themselves, and thus cannot quite be pinpointed in any particular mental area.

For example, if I crave ice cream, I'll eat that instead of chicken breast because even though I know deep down that chicken breast is probably healthier for me, I also recognize that ice cream is psychologically better for me at the time and will prevent binging, or that perhaps I crave something in the ice cream which makes it better for me than the chicken. Conversely, I sometimes skip out on the ice cream and force myself to eat something else like chicken breast because I also know that cravings may be deceiving and that I may really only need vitamin B.

You could say that "paraxenorexia" sums up someone who recognizes what they want to eat and what they should eat as two different things, yet can't quite determine which foods are which -- what they want to eat vs. what they should eat -- thus tend to go for strange combinations. We could call it xenorexia for short.

I'm xenorexic.

What do you think? Did I explain this very well? Should we push for further categorization within EDNOS? I think we should. That is the worst, most lazy categorization in which probably 70% of the adolescent and young adult population in America fit.

*Note: Xenorexia is actually apparently already the "deliberate swallowing of foreign bodies, such as needles, pens or spoons," however it doesn't seem to be listed in my Medical Dictionary. I don't think the term has been officially adopted. Any other suggestions for terms? I still like it.

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