the darkest star (etoiletoile) wrote in ed_ucate,
the darkest star

Viewing binging/overeating as an addiction.

Hi all. =]

So, after almost 2 years of dealing with BED/COE, and the past year I've held offto the point where I'd be labelled ED-NOS, though still binging/overeating more than I would like, I'm really really perplexed as to how I am ever going to get over this. I am at my wit's end, really. I've tried food journals, delaying eating more (20 mins, 30 mins, etc), distractions (reading, hobbies, going out, etc)... it seems like I've tried EVERYTHING. And nothing's really "cured" me of this.
ETA: I have also been in therapy (dietician, ED specialist, counsellor, psychiatrist).

However, lately I've gotten the idea to treat this as an addiction rather than an aspect of disorder - maybe it makes it seem easier to overcome? Anyways, I've been reading books on getting over addiction, and I don't know... I think a support group might be helpful. Has anyone ever been to/used Overeaters Anonymous or something similar? And what were your experiences?

How do you feel about viewing binging/overeating as an addiction?

(Mods, I know that there is a topic dealing with OA in the memories, but there wasn't a lot in the way of responses, so I figured I'd bring it up again.)

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