☆Rory☆ (kamitatsubane) wrote in ed_ucate,

Buildup of toxins in body fat?

Most toxins we consume are stored in our body fat, and it dawned on me just now that there may be another reason people become addicted to losing weight.

You see, when you burn fat, those toxins are released into your system. This can make some people very ill. At the same time, I wonder if perhaps (endorphins aside) that certain chemicals will make a person high. There are many substances which are put into our foods specifically for their addictive properties -- peptides, gluten, sucrose, cocoa, caffeine, etc. But what I wonder is the effect of the chemical additives such as aspartame (which is also addictive). Aspartame is non-caloric, meaning that it is not digested. However, I can't help but wonder if at least a little bit is absorbed in the system. Not that I think it's stored in fat, mind you. Okay, I'll try and stay on topic.

Aluminum toxicity has been linked to Alzheimer's. As you recall, the brain is mostly fat. Now, consider the loopiness that toxicity of certain metals may cause. Maybe some people really like that freaky feeling. Now, if you take into account how we have aluminum cans and chlorinated water -- aluminum chloride buildup? Just consider the possibilities.

I'm rambling and I'm no biochemist, but I'm thinking that there may be many other reasons why losing body fat can become addictive. And reasons why losing body fat can make you ill (other than a simple suppressed immune system). Perhaps toxicity also prevents some people from losing weight. We don't always think about what we do. When I was younger, I used to actually get physically sick if I was hungry for too long. Now that I eat organic, unprocessed foods, I haven't felt physically sick from not eating in years and years! When I was younger, I had to eat before bed. Now I don't. Perhaps my eating constantly was a protective mechanism in place to protect my system from toxins being released?

What do you think? Who here is paranoid about toxins? What do you do to prevent contamination?

For example, I use glasses (not plastic cups), nickel- and aluminum-free cooking tools (like a cast-iron skillet or copper pot), and "canned" goods which are in glass jars instead of aluminum cans. I also prefer to buy bottled water such as Perrier in glass containers instead of Aquafina (which actually tastes pretty nasty to me). So on and so forth.

This also reiterates in my mind that, when losing weight, antioxidants are all the more important. But that's another topic altogether.

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