Liz (lolita_flower) wrote in ed_ucate,


Do you think it's possible to 'outgrow' an eating disorder?

I'm diagnosed anorexic, a bmi around 15. I think I've gained maybe 2-3lbs in the last few months, but still bmi around 15.
I;ve veeb attending a lot of social events; and seeing as I eat & it is quite a lot/'normal' it has been quite reasonable to not 'go over' and forget exercise (I went on holiday for a week, and then got sick) because I knew I could get back to it once I'm alone.

My therapist seems to think that, because I talk basically about everything EXCEPT the eating disorder & that I plan to lose properly once I start uni & work, and talk about plans & my recent social things, that I get excited about them and will somehow become less anxious and focus on other aspects of my life other than the ED. But, my head is the ED 24/7, apart from a when I'm actually on the dance floor - its there if I get a drink, if I go to the toilet & look at my legs, everywhere.

So, back to the question - do you believe it's possible to 'forget' and somehow 'outgrow' an eating disorder?

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