halation (halation) wrote in ed_ucate,

hello, my name is:

hi, i'm new! i 'discovered' this lovely community through an ED-related forum i occasionally visit, and i am so pleased to find such an interesting resource. i've read the posting guidelines but haven't seen an example of a post like mine, so please inform if it is out of line in any way.


i have an MFA in writing from the school of the art institute of chicago and much of my work deals with eating disorders. my web site (your saved life--first page not work safe) contains many excerpts of my work, including a book of fiction about eating disorders called swallow and its excerpts. there is also a secret link here to new ED-related work i'm writing. work may be triggering to some in vulnerable places, but i have been told it is validating rather than triggering by many.


i'm looking forward to getting to know this community and its members.

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