Don't Mess With Texas (lettucepussy) wrote in ed_ucate,
Don't Mess With Texas


I've gotten into many arguments about fasting, particularly about liquid fasting.

Someone was so anal compulsive as to use to find the definition. it went along the lines of...

eating very little or no food

the second part is very clear, no food=no food
the first part to me means, very little=a few bites, part of an apple, less than a stalk of celery, pretty much <50 calories (a very negligible amount similar to the range of a normal person's intake would vary from a day to day basis, not enough to care nor get a significant reaction out of the body)

in the case of liquid fasting, it isn't really fasting, its restricting to only liquids or in other words a diet. would you call eating nothing but chocolate a chocolate fast? i wouldn't, its a diet of nothing but chocolate. if you are eating 3 chocolate chip morsels a day it would be considered a chocolate fast.

i would like to hear ya'lls take on what a fast is

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