Brianna (moderndayeve) wrote in ed_ucate,


Today I went to the Dr. and got out of getting weighed. I also finally cracked and got medicine for my anxiety disorder. Now for my questions/discussions.
1) Have you ever gotten out of getting weighed at the Dr? What did you say or do if you did successfully get out of it? I need to start cranking out the excuses, because having someone else weigh me is extremely triggering. Yet I can weigh myself sometimes. Last time I was weighed at a Dr. I had an extremely bad 7 month relapse that I've just recently gotten out of. I couldn't afford to have that happen again.
2) How do you feel about anxiety medicines in general? I feel kind of like a weak person who can't deal with problems without anxiety attacks. I feel like I need to just be able to handle my life better, and going on medicine represents failing again.
3) Does anybody have just anxiety with their ED with out depression. I do, and I find it kind of strange because I've heard that anxiety and depression usually exist together.
Sorry, I'm not mentioning which medicine, because everyone is different and most likely I'd get a whole range of responses from that medication made me absolutely insane to that medicine is a lifesaver. I also don't want to bias my experience with this medicine.

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