fuzzy grapes (melon_cauli) wrote in ed_ucate,
fuzzy grapes

Calories and recovery

I'm trying to recover, to an extent. I'm trying really hard to gradually increase the amount of calories I'm eating until I'm eating about 1600 (because that's about as much as I can ever imagine myself eating each day) because I'm an athlete and last year I just bombed, I was sick all the time, I couldn't do anything, I was miserable, etc. I kinda feel like a whole year was stolen from me. So, each week, I'm going to increase my calorie intake by about 50 because I cannot stand the thought of gaining weight and I heard that if you do it gradually your body can adjust better.

Sorry for that long intro :P

So, my question: Do you think that knowing the calorie content of everything makes it harder to "recover", or move into a more "normal" mentality about food? I have no experience with hospitization so I suppose I am referring more to the mental side of things.

Also: Do you ever feel that you will be able to eat "normally", without looking at, say, an ice-cream shake and going "Oh, there's --- calories in that"? I've come so far now that I can't ever imagine eating something and the calorie content of that food not crossing my mind. Because you can't erase knowledge, you can only ignore it, and I'm sure that ignoring it will mean I will get fat without knowing it.

(sorry for the long rambleness of my questions :D)

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