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Photoshopping Healthier Bodies? (cont'd)

There was previously an article posted on this subject, and discussion was left open. The thread can be found here.

Few comments were made, but most seemed to be those of disbelief. "Why on earth would someone photoshop a model to make her look fatter?" No one said those particular words, but don't deny it -- a lot of you are thinking it.

Well, for those of you who wanted to see some proof, I've decided to provide a demonstration. It's very difficult to find raw photos from model photoshoot, so runway is the next best thing. Here are a few raw photos I've edited with comparison to obviously edited magazine photos. Curious? Then check 'em out!

(Model : Vlada Roslyakova)
Demonstration #1 - Chest

Before Edit

After Edit

Raw Photo

Lighting / Professional Editing

Tricky Lighting

Demonstration #2 - Shoulder

Before Edit

After Edit

Magazine Photo

Demonstration #3 - Overall Shape

Angling, Lighting, and Editing

Obviously, there has been some editing of Vlada's photographs to make her chest and shoulders appear less bony. And don't even get me started on her legs! (I didn't have time for those.) One could argue that it's simply the lighting which makes her appear less bony, but let me point out that its the professional photographers who actively choose to have her pose and the lights shown on her in a particular way to make her more aesthetically pleasing (i.e. less bony) before editing. The better a model looks in her raw photo, the better she'll look in the edited version.

Now that I believe I've thoroughly presented my case, I'd like to ask what ya'll think about this.

Discussion: Editing photos to make models appear less skinny -- is it right? Think about the consequences concerning mental and physical health, that of the model's and the average consumer's. Also, what's worse -- editing photos to make "fat" people appear healthier, or "skinny" people to appear healthier?

I know one thing for sure -- all these photos of celebrities with perfect skin make me self-conscious about every single blemish!

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