Dylan (daddysambiguity) wrote in ed_ucate,

triggering diet attacks online

Is anyone on AOL?

For several years now I've found the Welcome Screen's attempts to greet me with diet progoganda and related fear tactics (e.g. "Why You May Gain Weight In Your Sleep Without Knowing It" or "Calories Sneak In Where They're Not Expected") very triggering, not to mention obnoxious.

Is there any way to designate the information one wants on their Welcome Screen? AOL says you can customize your screen so I changed mine from the general option to Black Voices and to Latin Voices (though I'm white!) and even to Smalll Business to try to see if the diet section would disapear, but no such luck. Apparantly blacks, hispanics and small business owners are yo-yo dieting as well. :/

Anyone else feel attacked by such messages? Of course it's on TV and the radio, but one can turn those off. With school and my internship, it's quite tough to turn off the internet!!

*feels irritated*


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