Dylan (daddysambiguity) wrote in ed_ucate,

previously anorexic, currently "overweight"?

Anyone interested in starting a community for those who have been clinically anorexic in the past and are currently overweight?

There's lots of support here and I love this group, but it almost seems like there are issues "overweight", "recovered" anorexics face that others in recovery might not deal with (e.g. trying to feel more healthy or being told by doctors to shed pounds without launching back into anorexia, etc.)

I don't relate to many in regular communities for those trying to get more "in shape" (I don't believe in "dieting") because most of them don't, at any moment, feel on the verge of becoming anorexic again, and most have no experience with trying to resist bulimia. Know what I mean?

Or maybe just a place to feel less alone? I'm not saying at all to leave this group, which I adore! Maybe just an additional more specific one? I just don't know if there are enough people, though I seem to see some pop up here and there.

We could just post about our experiences, feelings, etc. I know I don't write about stuff pertaining to EDs in my own, personal LJ anymore (though I should remedy that!)

Just a thought.

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