Chelsea Rae (secreteggshells) wrote in ed_ucate,
Chelsea Rae

I think I'm fat, so I over eat?

When I first started to develop an eating disorder... I don't know how to explain it, I went from loving myself to "Oh god, I am fat, when did this happen?" I gained the regular 20 to 30 pounds of puberty weight. I weighed like 130 pounds and was getting a bit of a belly still I only wore a size 7/8 pants so I wasn't THAT big. Well I went on a diet that made me gain almost 60 pounds over a year to a year and a half. Then for a few months I was just CRAZY with food and exercise lost 20 pounds in a month (190 to 170) and then another additional 20 pounds getting me down to 150.

I'm just looking for people with similar experiances.

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