the__fatness (the__fatness) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"-5'4" (I've been told both by different doctors)

Weight: 155

BMI: 26.6


Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: "ana" "mia" Girls (and guys?) that you can tell just want to lose weight for prom or summer. AlSO TyPInG LYke DiS! I can't stand people that can't respect others opinions. Also people that ask a question, get an educated response and don't like the response.

How I found my way here: Another community (Can't remember which community tho.)

Questions/comments/concerns: Just thought I would use this space to describe myself a little. I have always had body image problems and disordered eating. It has gotten worse over the last year in the sense that instead of just fasting I've learned the calorie content of most foods and I analyze what I put in my body, not in a 'normal' fashion tho. I don't wish to become emaciated, and honestly I wish that I was 'normal'. Although I can look at a girl and think "wow, she's beautiful, but should still lose a few pounds" and other people can look at the same girl and say "she's too skinny". I am mostly a lurker, I alwyas have been. I will ocasionally post tho. If anyone else has any questions about me, please, feel free to ask.


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