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The contraceptive pill as a cure for bulimia

In the Advertiser (South Australian newspaper) today there was a short article, which I think you might be able to find online as well.

"Pill 'balances' bulimia

The contraceptive pill may hold the key to treatind bulimia, tesearch suggests.
It can be used to correct the hormonal imbalance which could be behind a third of cases of the condition, scientists have found.
Bulimia, traditionally thought to have a psychological basis, is treated with anti-depressants and therapy.
But research from the Karolinska INstitute in Sweden suggests many cases may have a physical cause.
It showed women with the disorder had higher levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. They also had lower than average levels of the female sex hormone oestrogen.
Putting them on the Pill was able to redress the balance in many cases."

So ... comments? Has anyone here been on the Pill and found it helped/didn't help bulimia? Shouldn't this mean that there is a way to formally diagnose some cases of bulimia?

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