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Medical Professionals

I am in the medical profession, and I have recently been hired on an eating disorder IP unit for children and adolescents. I was the one who sought out this opportunity, and now I am really scared. I have never been in formal treatment for my "eating issues" (which have ranged from diagnosable anorexia and bulimia) and I am really nervous about the questions I am going to be asked during my screening interview.
My questions for the community are,
1) Should I be honest and admit to some eating problems (running the risk that they may reconsider hiring me) or should I say that I am and always have been normal about food and my body??
2) When/if I do start working there, what should I focus on with the patients? For those of you who did spend time in IP, what did you find helpful from the staff??
I was thinking about focusing on things that these kids are good at...things they used to enjoy before the eating disorder took over...
Any Advice???

Edit: I guess it needs to be said that I am by no means fully recovered, but I am also a lot more stable than I once was...And actually this isn't for a job I am being paid for, it is a 12 week clinical placement required for my program.

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