☆Rory☆ (kamitatsubane) wrote in ed_ucate,

Premature Birth, Breastfeeding Habits, & Eating Disorders

If anyone has the capability to create surveys, I'll love you forever if you can put this in an actual LJ survey for me.

Anyhoo, I was curious. For those of you who have ED's:
1. What ED do you have?
2. Is it doctor- or self-diagnosed?
3. Were you born early?
4. At how many weeks of gestation were you born? (40 weeks is considered "full term")
5. What was your birth weight?
6. How long did your mother breast-feed you?
7. What was her reason for discontinuing?

Feel free to peek at the survey answer options that I'd like to make available. For now, respond however you like. I love specifics. ^^ I'm really only curious how many people here were born early.

Here is the format in which I'd like the survey.Collapse )

My AnswersCollapse )

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