halation (halation) wrote in ed_ucate,

Dietician vs. Nutritionist--What's the Difference?

So today I tried to locate a nutritionist who specializes in EDs, and found two through a web site. I wrote to them both and heard back from one. She says I would be better off with a dietician. I'm looking for someone to help me make a satiating vegetarian meal plan I can stick with, that won't trigger bingeing, and that will help me lose weight without purging or restricting (I'm 17 pounds overweight according to the BMI charts).

*What is the difference between a nutritionist and dietician?
*Do you work with either?
*What are your sessions like?

BIG HUGE FAT BONUS POINTS to anyone who actually *has* a meal plan like the one I'm looking for and can share it with me! :-)

Thanks, y'all.

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