La Doyenne (cauliflower000) wrote in ed_ucate,
La Doyenne

Communal anorexia?

Since the embedding for this video is disabled, I will just give you the link:

What I'm interested to know is... what do you think of this woman's observations? Not just as they relate to YouTube, but also as they may apply to LiveJournal communities, blogs, etc.

This is part of the private message I sent to her in response to her video:

I actually think a) you have a better understanding of eating disorders than a lot of EDed girls themselves have, and b) you're very intelligent and make a hell of a lot of good points.

I think there was some aspect of what you're talking about actually happened to me. In search of a "real" "illness" (not just borderline personality disorder, which people treat with absolutely zero respect, or dysthymia, which seemingly no one could treat in my case), as well as a way to cope, I decided to start restricting. Then I used my handy-dandy Internet to deliberately search out eating disorder sites on LiveJournal -- and eventually YouTube. I started making my own videos. Pretty soon I felt myself drawn to this little subculture of suffering people, both because I understood what they were going through and because I wanted to have an illness that somebody -recognized-. And, eventually, it just completely spiralled out of my control and became what it is now -- fully fledged, diagnosable, needing extensive treatment, the whole she-bang.

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