Ballerina (le_ballet_noir) wrote in ed_ucate,


A new beverage has shown up in my office cafeteria - Enviga. As a designer, it first caught my eye because I appreciated its package design and presentation. Then, I read about it - "green tea drink with berry flavour." Hmmm, this doesn't sound so bad. After that, I noticed that this Enviga drink is supposed to be catabolic - namely, your body is supposed to burn more calories digesting the drink than are in the drink itself; so-called "Negative Calories".


Does it work? Not really according to some. Read another article Here.

Nevertheless, it does taste good.

PS - Do not visit the Enviga site. It's a seizure-inducing, browser-crashing example of terrible design.

What do you all think about this? Not once in their Press Release does Coca Cola claim Enviga is supposed to be a "diet drink" to aid in weight loss, but the Enviga marketing materials are no different from other weight loss products on the market.

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